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If you're looking to get your very first Scuba Certification, add another specialty card to your log book or even become a dive professional, LA Dive and Ride has you covered. Whether you're more of a tech geek or good ole fashioned bookworm, doesn't matter—we've got the learning materials for you. Our Scuba Diving instructors are some of the best around who love what they do and teaching others about all things divey.  Our group classes run every weekend and we offer fully customizable private lessons to fit any schedule. Give us a call and we'll lead you through your newest Scuba Diving experience in Los Angeles.
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Email or call to schedule your course - - 323.638.7554

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Scuba Diving Lessons Los Angeles
Looking to get your Open Water Certification? Well look no further! LA Dive and Ride provides the highest level of training and service to all our customers. Don't be fooled by the cheapy dive courses  around town where you'll end up getting nickeled and dimed at every turn or end up in a class of 10 and not get the personal attention each diver should get in their Open Water Course. We want you to be safe, competent divers and HAVE FUN! Not feel like another number on a roster.  Our reviews speak for themselves. So if you're looking to learn and join an amazing community of divers, come join us. 
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Email or call to get started. - 323.638.7554
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LA Dive and RideKnow before you go! Is it a Dive day…or a Ride day? Should I pack my scuba gear or surfboard? What's the health of my local beach? We've got the latest information on conditions and the weather to help you decide which way to enjoy the water today. 
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Scuba Diving Lessons Los Angeles
Join us Feb 24th as we head out to Anacapa Island for a day of awesome diving. 
Anacapa is home to a multitude of wonderful dive sites and where lots and lots of sea lions call home. There is lots of life and most of the sites are under 50' so it makes for a nice relaxing day out.  Captain Ted and crew always take great care of us. They cook up some delicious BBQ for lunch and keep the hot tub nice and heated for the ride home. 
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Email or call for more info. - 323.638.7554
LA Dive and Ride EventsAt LADR, we like to be wet…A LOT! We're always adding new trips, club meetings, beach clean-ups and other events to our calendar. Our divers are some of the best in SoCal and we have a blast diving together. Come dive with us and we know you will too!


Scuba Diving Lessons - Los Angeles